Here is a list of my current repertoire. I’m constantly learning new pieces and will update this page regularly. If you’re interested in listening to me, check out my media pages or my SoundCloud.


Cheetham – Sonata

Creston – Sonata

Harbison – San Antonio

Heiden – Sonata

Muczinsky – Sonata

Stewart – Eremitani Sonata

Tansman – Sonatine




Glazunov – Saxophone Concerto in Eb Major

Holcombe – Blues Concerto

McMichael – Sapphire




Hindermith – Konzertstueck

Mellits – Black



Other Repertoire

Guilhard – First Concertino

Decruck – Chant Lyrique

Demersseman – Fantaisie Sur un Theme Original

Desenclos – Prelude, Cadence et Finale

Geiss – Sax Hero

Ibert – Aria

McMichael – Fusion Suite

Rorem – Picnic on the Marne

Singelee – Solo De Concert Op. 74

Singelee – Fantaisie Brilliante Op. 86

Yasinitsky – Sixth Sense